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'Skylines' may be what you pop up in your brain right away when you think of Hong Kong. Urban Camper would like to break this stereotype impression. There are not only skylines but also stunning nature in this little lovely city. To arouse people's interest of exploring the different faces of where we live is always our vision.

Urban Camper intends to play a part of connecting people to the nature. Through urban camping, to promote environmental protection and sustainable camping. We believe urban camping is not simply an outdoor activity or a weekend runaway. It is a lifestyle from the inside-out.

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Urban Camper透過提倡露營文化,以打破人們對香港只有摩天大廈及高度消費這刻板印象。我們的願景是透過露營來引發更多人走入自然,探索本土多元面貌。

Urban Camper希望連繫城市人與自然共存的關係,提倡環保及發掘永續的露營方式。我們相信城市露營不單是一項户外活動或假日消遣,這將會是一個由內至外的生活態度。

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