SOLO Backpacker

SOLO Backpacker
Set for 1 pax includes:
Rental Fee:
HKD190 for 2d1n, HKD80 for each night extended
HKD190 (2日1夜), 之後每天另加HKD80
Tent for 1 person x 1
- 1人帳幕 x 1
Silver sleeping mat x 1
- 銀色睡墊 x 1
Sleeping bag x 1
- 睡袋 x 1
Inflatable pad x 1
- 充氣睡墊 x 1
Lite cook set: Saucepan x 1, Wooden spoon & Plastic spoon x 1
- 野炊用具: 鍋 x 1, 木鑊鏟和膠勺 x 1
Windshield & Stove x 1
- 爐和擋風板 x 1
Headlamp x 2
- 頭燈 x 2
First-aid pack x 1
- 急救包

Disclaimer: Urban Camper are not responsible for any equipment malfunction due to human error, design flaw, overuse, explosion, implosion, etc. And this is to certify that the customer evaluated the equipment's safety and understand they are fully responsible should any accidents occur.

免責聲明:Urban Camper 不承擔任何因人為錯誤、產品設計缺陷、產品過度使用、爆炸、破裂等設備故障所造成的意外。客戶在租借時已評估所有設備的安全性並清楚明白若有任何事故發生應負上全部 責任 。
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